Transforming Meditations for the Throat Chakra
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Transforming Meditations for the Throat Chakra

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Transforming Meditations for the Throat Chakra

  1. Do you feel scared of expressing your opinion?
  2. Do you feel scared of being judged?
  3. Do you find it difficult to concentrate?
  4. Do you suppress your true thoughts and feelings?
  5. Do you lack the patience to listen to other people?
  6. Do you constantly interrupt people while they speak?
  7. Do you speak louder than most people?
  8. Do you pretend to be a confident person?

If answers to almost all of the questions above are in “NO”, your vital energy is flowing up through the Throat chakra and it is awesome news but if most of the answers are in “YES”, you need to work on this chakra. Let’s discuss how to do it, step by step?

Meditations _Transformation Throat Chakra

Affirmation Meditation for the Throat Chakra (FREE DOWNLOAD – click here to listen or download)

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Close your eyes, loosen up your body, take a deep breath in and let go and relax. Now, repeat these words and visualize the words with feelings as a manifested reality. Take a deep breath after each sentence.

  1. I speak my truth with confidence.
  2. I hear and listen to the truth.
  3. Honesty gives me freedom.
  4. My honesty attracts positive events in my life.
  5. I express myself clearly.
  6. I am safe and trust others.
  7. Creativity flows in me.
  8. My voice is important.
  9. My voice is heard by the world. 
  10. I share my experiences and wisdom. 
  11. I am a good listener.
  12. I patiently listen to people.
  13. I listen to my body and feelings.
  14. I have access to my higher powers for guidance.
  15. I receive messages from divinity.

Chanting & Visualization Meditation for the Throat Chakra.

Sit or lie down comfortably with your spine (back) straight.

Take 4 slow and deep breaths and relax and let go.

Visualize a sky blue circular light emitting from the location of the Throat Chakra.

Simultaneously, chat the mantra of the chakra, HAM (optionally, along with the music in G Note tuned at 384 Hertz. That is A Note tuned at 432 Hertz)


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