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The following courses are available: For Beginners in Meditation: Masters's of Breathing in Meditation, Learn Mesmerism and magnetism for Non Verbal Hypnosis or Hypnosis Passionate. Creating online course via Canva is for people willing to create their own course. You can purchase the course online filling out the necessery details.

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Zen Osho Energy offers Meditation, Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression. We also offer Online courses for Meditation for beginners, Non-Verbal Hypnosis and creating online courses more easily.

Zen Osho Energy provides Hypnotherapy services for stress relief, Anxiety and healing self, Anger management, Sleep disorder etc. It is a 1-2 hours session that helps to get rid of your issues slowly and gradually. Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy for people who have already had Hypnotherapy sessions. Sometimes people find answers to their problems through Past life hypnotherapy which helps to solve any issues and problems. We have weekly meditation, meditation coaching, Mental health coaching,

Once you find the right service, add it to the cart and proceed to the checkout. Once you make the purchases, you will then receive the receipt and other details. You can select the date and time of the booking in the booking section. The Hypnotherapist will contact you to advise further steps and understand your concern over the phone or email.


Zen Osho Energy is people-centred which means we do not have specific paths to follow. We listen to people and provide service according to the people's needs. Active meditation is conducted in a "weekly group meditation" for people who are looking for anger management, stress management and other physical, mental and spiritual well being. Generally, Kundalini meditation (inspired by OSHO) is conducted in the evening sessions.

Online meditation courses are for those people willing to learn meditation. The online meditation course "Masters of Breathing for Mental health" provides curiosity, information and knowledge about meditation. It breaks myths about meditation and misleading information about meditation.

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Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy is an ancient tool for learning more about life but this century understands it as a therapy tool. This is because with past life regression hypnotherapy you will explore various time and space, activities and understanding from the past life and with exploration, you will gradually understand the present meaning of life. It is based on hypnotherapy to enter into the subconscious state of your mind.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for dealing with stress and anxiety. Hypnosis, in particular, can help you relax and unwind before a me dical procedure like a breast biopsy. Other situations for which hypnosis has been explored include pain control. People get great results in their life through Hypnotherapy. What can be treated with hypnotherapy: Anxiety, phobias, substance misuse; including tobacco, sexual dysfunction, unwanted spontaneous behaviours and bad habits can all be treated with hypnotherapy. It can be used to aid with sleep problems, learning disabilities, communication problems, and relationship problems. Still, have questions? email me at [email protected] or call Prakash Bhattarai at 0426803524 to learn more about Authentic self? and how this session can be beneficial to you in your personal and professional life?

Experience and Awareness. I experience a different perspective of life through different people's pain and pleasure. The struggles make me empathetically aware of the connection with the client that I am one with nature. So, what one experience in their life, experiences a similar event from their own perspective. This awareness perspective makes me feel more aware and lively. It fulfils the purpose of my life to serve others by connecting with them.

Yes, It works for everyone. I can be so sure about that because we sleep at the night. That is also hypnosis. And if you can be hypnotised during the night then it works for you. but if you say I won't close my eyes or say I do not follow hypnotherapist suggestions then it becomes a blockage to entering. If you ever had strong thoughts not to be hypnotised then it might slightly be in problem.

Zen Osho Energy accepts most payment methods such as debit card, credit card, Paypal, Stripe, Apple Pay and Google Pay. If you want to pay in cash in person. Contact Prakash Bhattarai at [email protected] or +61 426 803 524

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