What you'll learn

Before your start creating your first course

  • Create Free Account in Canva
  • Why Canva for Course creation
  • Learn about flexible scheduling on Canva
  • Exploration of creativity on Canva with a Higher focus on Creation
  • Learn to choose the course topic, Content in Mind
  • Choose a topic
  • How effective is the Course made from Canva or the Technique used?
  • Creating slides for the entire course effectively from Scratch
  • Creating slides from templates
  • Adding Elements, and pictures to the slides
  • Converting slides into a presentation
  • Canva Studio recording
  • Creating videos and downloading
  • uploading it into your Video Hosting Platform
  • Uploading it into LMS (Learndash


I will be sharing step by step methods of creating an online course using Canva.

Course content

  • 4 Sections/Lesson sections
  • 17 lectures


  • Create online course Using Canva
  • Choose topic For your Course
  • Disadvantage of using Canva in creating Course
  • Content Topic
  • Effectiveness of Canva in creating online course


  • Create Canva Account for FREE using Apple, Facebook or Google Account
  • Creating presentations from Scratch
  • Creating Course using Canva Presentation Template
  • Canva from Templates
  • Canva from Templates_Screen Recording


  • Canva Recording Studio
  • Saving Canva Presentation in to Video
  • Canva Video Recording and downloading
  • Upload to Video hosting site
  • Upload to website or Learning platform: LearnDash


  • Studio_Video_Mobile Shot
  • Canva_Recording Studio

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  • GP
    9 months ago

    Thank you for letting me know. Hope you have learnt well from the course.

  • GP
    1 year ago

    I have paid AUD 19 towards the mesmerism course on 2nd July 2021 but I am still unable to join the course. The login ID n password provided to me are not working. Please guide and support so that I can do this course. Thanks n regards Pkgupta [email protected]

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This course includes:

  • 1 hour 30 min (-+10 min)
  • 17
  • Essential Lesson Inserted gradually
  • Unlimited Access for 1 Year

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