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Respond Procrastination to Emails/ Calls and Messages (8 Basic Reasons and Actions)

Respond Procrastination

Today, I am writing about Procrastination 101; the basics of “Respond to Procrastination”. Here, I will be writing or presenting about 8 basic reasons why most people procrastinate responding to email, calls and messages from the workplace, family or friends but mostly the workplace. 


Last year, I have create two videos about Procrastination and Talked about Respond Procrastination to Emails/ Calls and Messages. 


The videos are on my YouTube Channel: Buddha Pro Academy.

And, after a year, someone has asked a question in the comment section. So, I have decided to work more to create Procrastination 101. 

I am uploading this as a presentation video on the same YouTube Channel: Buddha Pro Academy. 

Here is the link to that Video uploaded a year ago.


Procrastination 101
Procrastination meaning

Procrastination Meaning

To do an incomplete task is to procrastinate.

To delay or to put off doing something is a general understanding of what Procrastination does.

Many people suffer from procrastination from their childhood without being aware of it. And thus, procrastination originates from fear, anxiety, trauma, embarrassment and punishment from teachers, friends and parents.

I have not conducted any research but from my experience what I can say is respond procrastination starts sprouting in childhood.

Respond Procrastination

Below I am providing the 8 Reasons with different ideas why we procrastinate and Actions for that procrastination. 

Reasons for Procrastination
8 Reasons for Respond Procrastination

NOT Replying Email/Call/Message?

It’s a very easy Task but we procrastinate to do so. Why?

It’s because I do not have a proper answer,

I think the answer is simply that I don’t have to reply.

or I don’t know if my reply makes any sense

I do not have good English

I have to finish my movie first.

I am in the middle of social media such as Reel, TikTok

I am having Coffee Now or eating something else.


Well, I don’t have the perfect answer.

Want to be under the radar.


Respond Procrastination Reason 1: It’s because I do not have a proper answer.


Just reply saying I do not understand, would you please elaborate more on what exactly want to do, please.


Action: Reply What you can do, answer what you would like to say, or would like to say about their query.

Respond Procrastinate
Respond Procrastination

Respond Procrastination Reason 2: I think the answer is simply that I don’t have to reply.

– What is your simple answer, just tell them. They have emailed/called/messaged bcoz; they want you to tell them or message them.

Call or email/message them your simple answer.

Action: Write/reply/ Tell them what you have got to say.

Respond Procrastination Reason 3: I don’t know if my reply makes any sense.

So, Does it make sense if you do not reply?

The best way to deal with Procrastination is trying, trying to do. Just try. Try to reply with; what you can or do.

People make sense according to their level of understanding and perspective.

Action: Reply from your sense perspective

Respond Procrastination NO Sense
Respond Procrastination with Language

Respond Procrastination Reason 4: I do not have good English

So, you know your weakness, Work on it.

sometimes; you make it that your English is not good.

Is it that bad you can’t communicate?

The question here is, Can you answer/reply to it in English or not? The question here isn’t Good or Bad.

Action: Reply if you can. Once you replied. You will get Feedback. Are you afraid of getting feedback? Why find the cause and work on that, please.

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Respond Procrastination Reason 5: I have to Finish my Movie First

It becomes a Subconscious decision to complete your movie which is just to pass time. Your valuable time would make you successful.

While preparing for this presentation, I was watching Facebook short clips of movies that were distracting me to complete the Presentation.

But I would remind myself, saying its a distraction that my mind allows my procrastination to win. Do I want to watch this? or complete something useful?

So, What do you learn? How do you learn?

Action: Remind yourself of your priority often and get rid of your distractions immediately.

Respond Procrastination Watching Movie
Respond Procrastination with Social Media

Chintan is to think and analyse movies and priorities.

Manan is a way to complete your task or to determine or affirm to complete the task.

I often visualise that I am completing my task.

And it works.

Action: Contemplate / Chintan-Manan for doing/not doing things; its reasons, distractions.

Respond Procrastination Reason 6: I am in the middle of social media such as Reel, TikTok

So, You want to be successful in life, in your workplace but you think your movie is important.

Please think in your FREE time, and about your priority. Think, not just “THINK”, “CONTEMPLATE” ALSO called “Chintan Manan”.

Respond Procrastination Reason 7: I am having Coffee Now or eating something else

Yes, eating is important.

Give yourself time to eat. But think of coming back to work immediately. Remember your “Priority” while eating, sleeping and talking or whatever you do.

Do not create a distraction by calling someone to meet after eating, watching a movie or on Social Media.

Action: Keep always reminded that you have more important things to do.

Respond Procrastination while Eating
Respond Procrastination Perfectionist

Respond Procrastination Reason 8: Well, I don’t have the perfect answer


Nobody is Perfect. Nobody can write Perfect.

or, We can say you are perfect as you are, so you can write what you can write or should write.


There is no perfect answer.


Action: Just Answer Consistently, Reply Anyway.

Respond Procrastination Act
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