Mesmerism and Magnetism

Topic Introduction

History of Mesmerism

It is named after Franz Anton Mesmer. The pioneering of Mesmerism and Magnetism in 1800’s. It uses non-verbal techniques like eye gazing, fascination, passes (Stroke) and other methods to instate trance and affect the body’s energy field. Its a kind of hypnosis through bodily movement and a gaze. It is said that he first used this technique in Animal if they follow his eyes and make them become calm. Later he tried on people which worked. people went on trance and without realising anything that they have been in trance.

In East Nepal and India, it is an ancient knowledge of our rishi that were called “Tratak”, the third eye also was studied in-depth but always kept hidden from the general people. The Yogi, meditation Facilitator and a Saint who meditated for long were capable of handling this kind of energy. They were taught by their master to flourish the knowledge. Eventually, it was not discussed but is still in use by the spiritual master of Nepal and India. The great Master OSHO was a great example of his hypnotic eyes and his charismatic body and his movement. People who have met OSHO tells about his continue eyesight, his soothing voice and his appearance that everyone would follow his rhythm, dance in his words. There are still some videos where people go to trance just by seeing him from far, by his eye gaze, touch and his speech.

Hypnosis and Mesmerism(and Magnetism)

The difference between Mesmerism and hypnosis is hypnosis relies on sound and words to induce a state of trance, whilst Mesmerism uses very few words to promote a state of trance.
The mesmeric trance state is different from the trance state that results from verbally induced hypnosis. Mesmerism is very helpful for Psycho-somatic conditions whereas verbal for habits and behavioural changes. The combination of both in the profession of a skilled therapist is a very powerful change tool. Both methods tend to change subconscious patterns while mesmerism makes use of the magnetic Gaze and Mesmeric passes known as stroking, through the client’s energy field.


The process of taking someone into the trance state is called hypnosis. Trance is the semi-sleep state of our consciousness or semi-consciousness state. In deep hypnosis, people can be in deep sleep and focused only on the voice of the hypnotist. The more you follow the hypnotist, you will be more relaxed and as you become relaxed, you will be in a deeper state of trance. The deeper trance, the deeper, vivid and lighter you will feel. In general hypnosis, the hypnotist uses the pattern of words, phrases or words and repetition of verbal words and sounds produced with mouth or hand that will even take deeper.

But, there are certain things you need to know about hypnosis. You can’t be hypnotised if you say so. A hypnotist can’t take you or ask you to do things you don’t know or don’t like to do. It’s you and the hypnotist is a medium to access your subconscious mind.

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