Hypnotherapists in Canberra
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Hypnotherapists in Canberra

Mental Health and Hypnotherapy

You are living in Canberra; the capital city of Australia. And according to the Australian National University, at least $471 per week for accommodation, food, utilities and entertainment. Do you have any problems related to Health, Job, Relationship, or Accommodation?


Zen Osho Energy is providing Meditation and Hypnotherapy services for people to build confidence and esteem, and Change negative habits.

People search for Hypnotherapists in Canberra or Hypnotherapists in Queanbeyan for Zen Osho Energy to deal with their relationships and improve their communication.

If you are looking for ways to find out life direction and purpose. You are on the right page or blog.


Hypnotherapists in Canberra and Hypnotherapists in Queanbeyan deal with the following issues related to mental health:

  • Changing negative habits, Dealing with stress or depression,
  • Figuring out life direction, purpose and Life lessons and helping with relationships, resolving trauma
  • Building confidence and esteem
  • Anxiety/stress/Depression and overcoming addiction and relationships

Some of us develop coping skills as we grow older or experience life from our own perspective. These skills and experiences teach us lessons to move forward in life and share wisdom with each other.

Zen Osho Energy: Meditation and Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapist Canberra: Photo by Linda Xu

Hypnotherapist in Canberra: how much does hypnotherapy cost in Australia?

Hypnotherapy is not government regulated and is an alternative method of healing. A hypnotherapist charges their fees depending on the following:

1. The Hypnotherapy Session Type

2. Time and duration

3. Hypnotherapist Experience to deal with

4. Recommendations


The most expensive hypnotherapist in Australia charge AUD 350 – 450 per session.

The duration of each session is from 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours or longer.

The Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy goes towards 3 hours and above.

But most clients might need 2-5 sessions to completely heal their body and mind, so hypnotherapists provide a package for their service that benefits clients financially too.

Hypnotherapists personality

Hypnotherapists are generally peaceful, kind-hearted and empathetic people and treat their clients as spiritual beings.

They care for people with respect, privacy, dignity and most important is trust.


Hypnotherapists trust clients and actually attune to your emotional amplitude. By doing this; we understand that your pain is real as most people who might not be able to understand your situation are so struggling.


Hypnotherapy Canberra reviews

Review is a very important thing in modern days.

The review helps customers choose the best service or place they are looking for. And it motivates Hypnotherapists to serve more to the community and also it assists the hypnotherapist to know if they require changes and modifications to their services or place.

The will benefit the clients and business.

How do you choose Hypnotherapists in Canberra and their services?

Hypnotherapists have a sense of understanding, care, and motivation to heal clients or at least provide some sort of relaxation, and motivation to move forward in their life.

So, the therapist has their unique ways of dealing with their clients to listen and motivate their clients to receive the maximum from what they are paid.

Spiritual Hypnotherapists are a healer and lightworkers. They include meditation for beginner techniques to calm and relax their client.


So, The best way to choose Hypnotherapists is to look into their product description page.


Look on this page, for what I am telling you about; it should include all the details about the session, time, duration, date, availability and other important details such as the address of the therapist.


Secondly, their social media presence, and the content they are sharing; but here some therapists might be introverts or they just don’t like the idea of social media, so take this idea upon yourself. Third, is going to their website and look for more information about the services they are providing if they have more information or relatable information on their website or not.


For example; this website contains the following blogs about hypnotherapy:

  1. Hypnotherapy: The power to the subconscious
  2. 3 reasons to consider hypnotherapy for mental health
  3. Meditation for beginners / Meditation for beginners
  4. The Root Chakra
  5. Check out the blog here


The last thing is to directly contact the therapist by call and learn about the session or therapy. The provides the clients to choose the best hypnotherapists.

Hypnotherapists in Canberra: Zen Osho Energy

Zen Osho Energy provides Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy and Meditation services. If you are struggling in your life, looking for motivation or answers, this could be your help. Lately, people having issues with sleep for many years have been effectively provided with positive results. Few were having issues with low esteem working in retail, aged care and etc. People contact Zen Osho Energy Facebook page or directly book the services from the website too.

Why do you need to contact Zen Osho Energy?

If you want to move into the spiritual realm with meditations like Kundalini, dancing meditation, awareness meditation, and breathing meditation, you can make an appointment to learn more about meditation and start practising it. Also, if you think you are stuck somewhere, Zen Osho Energy can help you unlock it through meditation counselling, Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression providing you with different techniques, Counselling, and Session that is suitable for you.


Now, let’s read how hypnotherapy works subconsciously.

How does Hypnotherapy work in our Subconscious mind?

Our human brain is divided into two sides; the left brain and the right brain. The left brain controls the right side of the body and the right brain controls the left side of the body. The left brain is mostly used in the analysis, logic, facts, sequencing, mathematics, the language whereas the right brain is used for creativity, intuition, feelings, imagination, daydreaming, and arts. The right brain is the storehouse also known as the subconscious or door to the subconscious mind.


The mind beyond letters and words takes you deeper into subconsciousness opening your own door to your true self. The true self that connects your true being confident, authentic, wise, self-healed and spiritual. You can access your bold nature for your leadership skills, confidence and authentic self for taking initiative in your projects that is stocked. Accessing a wise self gives all the answers to your quest beyond this time and space.

Brain-infographics_Zen Osho Energy


The other healing self and spiritual self offer greater wisdom of motivation to move on to different stages of life and connect to spirituality in your life.


It is advised to schedule 3-4 hypnotherapy sessions, once a week for your same intention. Hypnotherapy is a pre-requisite to Past Life Regression hypnotherapy where you can explore your own past lives experience the challenges you have faced in those lives and learn from them.


If you are interested in learning more about hypnotherapy with Prakash Bhattarai, please book a free (subject to availability) or paid appointment in the link provided.


Watch this Hypnotherapy advertisement on YouTube



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