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Are you struggling in your life?

Do you think you are having troubles in every situation? Are you always in fear of nothing or everything? Then, Hypnotherapy might work

for you. But, what's Hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy is the process of healing.  It induces trance-like state to take you deeper and deeper in your subconscious mind. This is done with the help of verbal repetition of words and phrases. There are many types of hypnotherapy session and it depends on Hypnotherapist and their perspective clients. For example, if you are having issues with confidence, your authority, your presence, the leadership you might be interested in session which can boost your immunity to resist and cope with the situation and become a team leader in your team. The session would help to grow your authoritative influence if you require authoritative energy to lead your team to complete your project for good. If this sounds good to you, Book your appointment NOW! But if you still wanting to know more here is a case study (name changed for privacy reasons)

Case Study 1:

Mr Robert is working in the retail industry and has to deal with many people all day long and he is not extrovert and doesn't like to see many people. But at the same time, he needs money for his study and better life and supports the family. On top of it, he fears his manager and if the manager is present that day or near to him, he is anxious the whole day. He can't perform his 100%. A while after he feels that he can't go to the office as he has to face manger and now he is more afraid to face him but the manager hasn't done anything wrong or either talked to him frequently. And now, he meets his hypnotherapist friend and talks about his situation if his friend can help him through Hypnotherapy session. After the conversation, they figured out that it was an authoritative issue, that Mr Robert can't withstand authority above his head i.e; near to his zone which means if the manager isn't near or can't be seen by Robert that fear wouldn't arise and he can perform better in his job. And lastly, they discussed an set up an interesting intention to let it go and know that he is confident deep inside, and this element is now brought in the conscious mind, spread all over, and is asked how Robert feels when he is super confident. After a month and three sessions as he said, he is drinking a bottle of beer with his manager, and they are having a great conversation. And later Mr Robet had a Past Life Regression where he found himself being a guard of the entire village which helped him to know that he is strong enough and confident. This is the life turning session happened. Currently, Mr Robert is not the best person to his manager in the retail store. Do you like that confidence grow in you? Book the Appointment NOW! Similarly, Healing Self Hypnotherapy Session will help you heal your pain, anxiety and so many other forms of emotional dimensions gradually. Similarly, we have Ancestors Hypnotherapy session, Wise Self Hypnotherapy and Spirit Guide Hypnotherapy. Still, have questions? email me at prakasbhattarai@gmail.com or call Prakash Bhattarai at 0426803524 to learn more about Authentic self? and how this session can be beneficial to you in your personal and professional life?

More details: Total Duration: 1-2 hours (Depending on our intention we choose, inductions and the session itself as it's beyond our normal time and place)

Pre-requisite: None. Note: It is advised to be in a comfortable dress to lie on a chair for an hour or two and light food. Please bring a bottle of water for yourself and your favourite fragrance which helps to keep you calmer. ( I will have meditative fragrance, sticks). Recorder if you would like to record for future learning about your self. There might be a supervision Camera for security purpose. We respect your privacy and don't use any customer's information without your prior consent. Please go through our privacy policy and terms and condition.


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    I will make sure you receive what you are deserved. Let the journey of within becomes more exciting and joyful with the session you are about to participate.

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