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is Past Life Regression? It is the ancient tool of learning more about life but this century understands it as a therapy tool. This is because with past life regression hypnotherapy you will explore various time and space, activities and understanding from the past life and with exploration, you will gradually understand the present meaning of life. It is based on hypnotherapy to enter into the subconsciousness state of your mind.

How does it work?

Once you book a session, we will discuss your issues via phone or email. and after discussion, any issues highlighted key points about your life or you want to have enlightening experience or answer for, then we will set up an intention for that session. The session is then followed by induction (a similar guided meditation) and then into the subconscious mind with a soft voice from the therapist.

Who can do Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy?

Past Life Regression or Past Life Hypnotherapy is suitable for people of over 21 of their age. It also brings great understanding for curious people to become aware of different dimension in the world they live and experience past Life with their own rather than just read about it.  To understand life as a whole, your functional mind needs to prepare what is going on around with your mind inside and should be able to process the result of regression. The young people below 21 of age need their guardian/parents consent to participate. Well, In Ancient days it was used to learn from the past lives and dive into Sadhana; into meditation and to understand that world is in its way. It was the tool to understand our 6 traits (Kama, Krodh, lov, Moha, Irshya or Matsarya , Dwesh Mada meaning lust or Desire, Anger, Greed, Delusion,  ego or pride and envy or jealousy )

Why is Past Life Regression important for Everyone?

Past Life Regression (PLR) session is a unique way to learn about your self, about your soul and about your existence beyond time and space. It is the best tool to connect with all-around such as trees, insects, animals and plants. This is because you will experience that you were once animals, a wild animal, fox, trees or any other plants, or from other planets. You will experience and know that things exist beyond your conscious knowing. Just for say; one of my friends was experiencing a world where you can communicate with plants and you were green creates similar like a human but not. They communicate through eyes, heart and with verbal language too. Isn't it interesting to meet your family they had been in your past lives? If the above words make sense to you and already came this far in your search looking for Past Life Regression, why don't you try yourself? Book your session NOW.


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