Muladhar Charkra or The Root Chakra
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The Root Chakra


Etymology ( The Hidden Meaning ) of the Root Chakra (Muladhar )

The word “Muladhar” is a Sanskrit word. It is made up of two words; “Mula” which means “Root” and “Adhar” which means “Base” or “Foundation”. It is also called “The Base Chakra”.   

The Secret Location of the Root Chakra

The 1st Chakra is located at the base of the coccyx ( coccygeal vertebrae ).

The coccyx is a tiny triangular tail shaped bone at the bottom of the spine.

To be anatomically precise, the chakra is between the genitals and the anus at the bottom four vertebrae (The number of the coccygeal vertebrae may differ between 2 to 5).

The shape of this part of the vertebrae is curved ( More curved in males compared to in females ) and because of this curve, the flow of the energy expands more, has more impact and reaches down to the foot and also reaches up and touches the Sacrum bone ( location of the 2nd Chakra). This explosion of energy happens because of the curve.

Let’s understand the function of the curve in this way. We all have seen rivers and all rivers have curves. Where does a whirlpool (vortex) occur? Yes, at the sharp turns and curves. The sharper the curve is, the stronger the force of the whirlpool is.

This is why the energy at the 1st chakra (coccygeal vertebrae) is powerful enough to reach the sole of the foot where a Minor Root Chakra is located and also overlaps with the energy field of the 2nd Chakra in the Sacrum bone which is located just above the coccygeal vertebrae connected by the fibrocartilaginous joint.

This joint connects the 1st and the 2nd Chakra.

Let’s Unreveal the Function and the Hidden Meaning of the Symbol of the Root Chakra.

It is the reservoir of Kundalini Energy (The Life Force Energy ). 

The symbol of the Root Chakra is a lotus with 4 petals. 

The 4 four petals of the Root Chakra represent;

  • Mind
  • Intellect
  • Consciousness and 
  • Ego

Meditation on the Root Chakra results in a healthy manifestation of the four petals of the lotus.  

The Root Chakra is represented by red colour. The colour red symbolizes energy that is dynamic but dormant before stimulation. 


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Associations  of the Root Chakra with Subtle Body and Glands

The Root Chakra and The Etheric body 

The Root chakra is associated with the Etheric body which is the 1st layer of the Aura after the physical body. Stimulation of this chakra expands the Etheric body and boosts confidence and self-image. People with an activated Root chakra cannot be possessed by spirits. 

The Root Chakra and The Sex Glands

The Root chakra is associated with the testes in males and ovaries in females ( Endocrine Glands ). An active Root chakra means healthy gonads, sperms, and production of testosterone in males and healthy ovulation, egg, and production of estrogen and progesterone in females. 

Element of the Root Chakra

The Root chakra is associated with the Earth Element because, the root chakra is the foundation of vital energy inside of us, just in the same way the Earth is the foundation of all energies outside of us. All the consciousness stands on the base of the root chakra, just in the same all of us stand on the surface of the Earth. 

The Root Chakra and the Bodily Sense 

The Root chakra is associated with the sense of smell because the root chakra is the 1st chakra and the 1st sense that develops in babies is the sense of smell.

According to human biology, a baby’s sense of smell starts developing after 6 weeks of pregnancy.

The Mysterious Sounds and Mantra of the Root Chakra

The Root chakra vibrates at the frequency of 256.87 Hertz. So, listening to or humming along with music in C Note (A Note tuned in hertz) can stimulate this chakra.

The mantra of this chakra is LAM. 

Transforming Meditations for the Root Chakra

  1. Do you feel grounded in your everyday life? Let me rephrase. Do you feel calm and relaxed at the present moment?
  2. Do you eat the right amount of food (not too little or not too much)?
  3. Do you sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours every night?
  4. Do you feel secure; physically, emotionally, or financially?
  5. Can you focus on your task?
  6. Are you confident about yourself and your work?

If answers to almost all of the questions above are in “YES”, your vital energy is flowing up through the Root chakra and it is awesome news but if most of the answers are in “NO”, you need to work on this chakra right now. Let’s discuss how to do it, step by step? 

Affirmation Meditation of the Root Chakra (click here to listen or download)

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Close your eyes, loosen up your body, take a deep breath in and let go and relax. Now, repeat these words and visualize the words with feelings as a manifested reality. Take a deep breath after each sentence.

  • Ah…I am safe here.
  • I am secured within. 
  • I am relaxed and in a let-go state.
  • I am grounded and at peace right now, right here.
  • All my physical needs are fulfilled.
  • I am attracting an abundance 
  • I have a healthy body.
  • I am confident 
  • I am certain and sure of my decisions.  
  • I am rooted in the Earth and am supported by the whole existence.
  • I always get support from people 
  •  I am blessed.
  • I am home. 

Click here to listen and practice Affirmations for Root Chakra

Earthing Meditation for the Root Chakra

When your foot comes in contact with the Earth, you become exposed to the negative molecules of electrons. We are exposed to an alarming amount of positive molecules because of the modern lifestyle and disconnection with Nature.

The sole is a very receptive and sensitive part of our body due to a high concentration of nerve endings, approximately 200,000 per sole. So, when we walk naked foot on the Earth, our foot receives the negative electrons and balances the positive and excessive positive electrons which create balance in the body and makes you feel recharged, grounded, and centred.

This is the beginning of the transformation. 

How to do the Earthing Meditation for the Root Chakra?


Find a green and open place. It can be a garden or a backyard of your home as well.


Take off your flip-flops or shoes. Feel the temperature and texture of the Earth under your feet.


Be aware of each step and weight shifting from one heel and toes to the next as you walk.


When your left foot steps ahead, inhale and when your right foot steps ahead exhale. Let the inhalation and exhalation be deep and slow.  


As you walk ahead, visualize that all your tensions and problems are sinking into the Earth and that you are leaving them behind and you are becoming lighter and lighter with each step forward. 


When you are done walking (10 minutes to 30 minutes), sit and close your eyes and express your gratitude toward mother Earth for healing you and clearing and activating your Root Chakra. 

Chanting & Visualization Meditation for the Root Chakra

Sit or lie down comfortably with your spine (back) straight.

Take 4 slow and deep breaths and relax and let go.

Visualize red circular light emitting from the location of the Root chakra.

As we mentioned earlier that the element of this chakra is the Earth, visualize that you are sitting on the ground (Mud/Rock) under a big tree.

Simultaneously, chat the mantra of the chakra, LAM (optionally, along with the music in C Note tuned at 261.63 Hertz.

That is A Note tuned at 432 Hertz.



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