Muladhar Charkra or The Root Chakra
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Affirmations of the Root Chakra


Take a deep breath after each sentence.

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Close your eyes, loosen up your body, and take a deep breath in and let go and relax. Now, repeat these words and visualize the words with feelings as a manifested reality. Take a deep breath after each sentence.

  • Ah…I am safe here.
  • I am secured within. 
  • I am relaxed and in a let-go state.
  • I am grounded and at peace right now, right here.
  • All my physical needs are fulfilled.
  • I am attracting abundance 
  • I have a healthy body.
  • I am confident 
  • I am certain and sure of my decisions.  
  • I am rooted in the Earth and am supported by the whole existence.
  • I always get support from people 
  •  I am blessed.
  • I am at home. 

Listening to the Affirmation of the Root Chakra

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