Swadhisthan Chakra: The Sacral Chakra
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The Sacral Chakra


Etymology ( The Hidden Meaning ) the hidden of the Sacral Chakra

The word “Swadhistan” is a Sanskrit word. It is made up of two words; “Swa” which means “Self” and “Sthan” which means “Placed” or “Located”. It is also called “The Lower Abdominal Center”.   

The Secret Location of the Sacral Chakra 

It is the 2nd Chakra and is located at the lower end of the Sacrum. The sacrum is a triangular shaped bone in the lower back located between the two hip bones of the pelvis. Since, it is located at the Sacrum, it is called the Sacral Center too. This bone is the densest in the Spinal Column. The Sacrum bone has a deep curve which makes a space of the energy vortex for the 2nd Chakra.

Lets Unreveal the Function and the Hidden Meaning of the Symbol of the Sacral Chakra

It is the store-house of the subconscious mind where all life experiences since the beginning of our conception in the womb are stored because this chakra is closely associated with the navel. The location of the 2nd Chakra is at the Sacrum bone which is supported by Lumber Curve. Lumbar Curve is a section of 5 bones above the Sacral bone. The navel is located just opposite the Lumbar Curve and since conception we are connected with the navel through the placenta. The placenta is a flattened circular organ in the uterus during pregnancy which supplies oxygen and nutrients to the developing baby and removes wastes from your baby’s body. What the mother eats, the baby eats, and what the mother feels and experiences, the baby feels and experiences through the placenta. So, the relationship of the placenta is with the navel and the relationship of the navel is with the Sacral Chakra.

The symbol of the Sacral Chakra is a lotus with 6 petals. 

The 6 petals of the Sacral Chakra represent;

  • Anger
  • Hatred 
  • Jealousy
  • Cruelty
  • Desire and 
  • Pride 

Meditation on Sacral chakra results in a healthy manifestation of the 6 petals of the lotus.

The Sacral Chakra is represented by orange color. The color orange symbolizes the color of the Sun-rise which is the indication of the rising consciousness. The consciousness is one chakra higher here. 

Associations  of the Sacral Chakra with Subtle Body and Glands

The Sacral Chakra and The Emotional body

The Sacral chakra is associated with the Emotional body which is the 2nd layer of the Aura from the physical body. Stimulation of this chakra expands the Emotional body and promotes sentimental balance.

The Sacral Chakra and The Sex Glands

The Sacral chakra is associated with the Adrenal gland (a part of Endocrine Glands). An active Sacral chakra means a healthy production of hormones like; Aldosterone and Cortisol. Aldosterone is a mineralocorticoid hormone; this means that it regulates the salt and water balance in the body.

Cortisol hormone regulates blood sugar levels and metabolism and reduces inflammation.It also produces sex hormones like; Androgens and Estrogens.

Hormones like; Testosterone and Androstenedione are categorized as Androgens.  Testosterone facilities in the development of male reproductive tissues like; testes and prostate.

Androstenedione helps in building muscles, reduces body. Additionally, the hormone increases sexual desire and stamina. This is also one of the reasons why the 2nd Chakra is related to sex energy. 

The element of the Sacral Chakra

The Sacral chakra is associated with the Water Element because at the Sacral chakra, the vital energy has the nature of water. It can be soft like water in a lake and have positive effects if the vital energy passes through the chakra upward or it can crash and move rocks like water in a high water-fall if the vital energy is blocked and have negative effects.

The positive effects are pride and healthy sexual desires and the negative effects are ego and unnatural sexual desires. 

The Sacral Chakra and the Bodily Sense 

The Sacral chakra is associated with the sense of the taste because the Sacral chakra is the 2nd chakra and the 2nd sense that develops in babies is the sense of taste. According to human biology, a baby’s sense of taste starts developing after 13 weeks of pregnancy.

The Mysterious Sounds and Mantra of the Sacral Chakra.

The Sacral chakra vibrates at the frequency of 293.66 Hertz. So, listening or humming along music in D Note music ( A Note tuned in 432 hertz ) can stimulate this chakra. The mantra of this chakra is LAM. 

Transforming Meditations for the Sacral Chakra

  1. Do you feel that you are not creative enough?
  2. Do you have a low sex drive?
  3. Do you feel that you are not loved?
  4. Do you have problems expressing your feelings?
  5. Do you feel that you are not spontaneous?
  6. Do you feel that you are shy to face situations?
  7. Do you keep feeling guilty about your mistakes?
  8. Do you lack excitement? 

If answers to almost all of the questions above are in “NO”, your vital energy is flowing up through the Sacral chakra and it is awesome news but if most of the answers are in “YES”, you need to work on this chakra. Let’s discuss how to do it, step by step? 

Affirmation Meditation for the Sacral Chakra (FREE DOWNLOAD – click here to listen or download)

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Close your eyes, loosen up your body, and take a deep breath in and let go and relax. Now, repeat these words and visualize the words with feelings as a manifested reality. Take a deep breath after each sentence.

  • I am attracting people who understand me.
  • I am celebrating every aspect of my life.
  • My life is exciting.
  • I am emotionally centered.
  • I am sentimentally balanced.
  • I honour my body 
  • I respect my physical body.
  • I am comfortable in my body.
  • I enjoy all the physical pleasures. 
  • I am sensual.
  • I respect and accept my sexuality. 
  • I am lovable.
  • I express my feelings with confidence.
  • I forgive myself for all the mistakes that I have made in the past.
  • I am free from the past attachments.
  • I choose joy and bliss. 

Chanting & Visualization Meditation for the Sacral Chakra.

Sit or lie down comfortably with your spine ( back) straight.Take 4 slow and deep breaths and relax and let go.Visualize an orange circular light emitting from the location of the Sacral chakra.

As we mentioned earlier that the element of this chakra is water, visualize the orange light spreading out like ripples of water.

Simultaneously, chat the mantra of the chakra, VAM (optionally, along the music in D Note tuned at 288.33 Hertz. That is A Note tuned at 432 Hertz

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