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Thoughtful Meditation Practice : Reverse programming Meditation


A thoughtful Meditation practice that enables yourself to be aware of our thoughts, thinking process, visualisation of random thoughts. This is the technique that reversely makes us aware of yourself going through the thought process and its attributes.  This is the Meditation for beginners to Advanced level practitioners which enables them to identify their thinking process and with their body at the present moment. 

Many of us are taught to be witness to our thoughts but never have any authentic process to do so or end of sleeping. Trying to observe thoughts or becoming aware of thoughts through meditation is a not that easy journey because Awareness slips here and there as the mind remembers different incidents,things, objects and different people at the exact time of meditation. This comes as the barrier which is why it is difficult for us to focus only on awareness or become watchful of our thoughts.  

This meditation technique is for those who believe that they will always end up with thinking in meditation. This thoughtful Meditation Practice will act as a reverse engineered Meditation. 

How it is done:

This is in favour of your mind. The mind wants to think of many beautiful imaginations of the future, or dwell in the past. My mind often loves to dwell in virtual imagination which is not relevant to any of my life. So, We travel with the mind having one imagination that comes in meditation. It will try to stick in one imagination throughout the whole meditation and let our mind keep us moving in the past or the future. This will eventually teach you acceptance in your life and become aware of your thinking process.

Witnessing thoughts and Reverse programming Meditation

If you haven’t got what I am trying to provide you. I want to give you an example of a pet dog. Loki is my friend’s dog name. He is very cute and intelligent. He is restless, busy doing something. But when my friend gives a look at him, He stops what he is doing but just for a little. He becomes a statue like a great saint in mindlessness or in samadhi. What a pet he is. This is witnessing and helps us to become awake from our own thoughts. 

The reverse programming Meditation go even further. Now you play with your pet, talking and engaging with him or her. Go for a morning walk, prepare food for him/her and for yourself. Play hide and seek and remember you are hiding when he finds your well. And after a while he becomes tired and may want some time alone.

Here the point is you have enjoyed him going for a walk. Walk is for you too, preparing food for both and remembering that you are playing with him. Giving him perfect attention for a while is the best thing that a pet expects from his owner friend.


  • Remember your distinct thoughts for imagination
  • Go with your beautiful imagination and enjoy it
  • Sometimes, remember yourself, your breaths that’s it, but don’t forget your last imagination, it’s beautiful. Isn’t it?
  • Continue imagination or your thinking what you call it
  • Just remember to breath but try to be in the same imagination to flow with

Guided Meditation for Reverse programming Meditation

Guided Meditation coming soon …. Stay updated

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