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Triple 4 Breathing Technique

The simplest way to stay away from negative people, negative thoughts, stress and that part of our life which we don’t want to is very simple. Just staying away. It’s simple as it is but practically it’s less easy then we think. So, how do we manage to stay calm, motivated and positive all day throughout our life? The secret behind this is to practice it, practice becoming calm and motivated. That’s it. Just sit quite in a comfortable position [meditation for Beginners] and start practising Triple FOUR Breathing Technique.

What is the process for Tripple 4 Breathing Technique?

It’s very easy. Just inhale long deep breaths, hold and Release.

How to practice the Tripple 4 Breathing Technique?

Just became calm and be in a comfortable position where you can sit undisturbed for about 1-5 minutes. After being in that position or posture, start taking a long deep breath, hold and release. Take a long deep breath for 4 seconds, become fully aware of your breathing, hold for 4 seconds and be aware of it and release it within 4 seconds. Here, the question may arise why 4 seconds, why not 7, being the lucky number or 9, being the highest single-digit number. but I have my own reason for choosing number 4 which I will discuss in another blog.


This 1-minute video of 3 x4 seconds (inhale, hold, exhale) gives an intense breakthrough for your brain to break the pattern of your mind. If you are having a bad time at work, practising this shot and quick meditation fills you with less worry and spontaneously gives you the stability to move on motivated. It also provides the busiest people with a sense of short break while travelling to their office, breaks after meetings and discussion.

Best Times to practice Tripple 4 Breathing Technique:

  • When travelling for your work
  • Before starting to read any book
  • Before or after any discussion
  • Every 4 hours for students
  • Travelling to home from Work
  • Before making any decisions
  • Before stress & anxiety catches
Prakash Bhattarai

About the Author

Prakash Bhattarai is originally from Nepal, the land of Tantra and has been living in Australia since 2016.Since childhood, the world around was a big mystery for him. At elementary school, a Nepali poem, “Deha ra Atma “, which means “Body & Soul” composed by the great Nepali Poet, Bhanubhakta Acharya posed yet another big question mark before him which philosophized that only the physical body is mortal, not the subtle energy body, soul.

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