Zoe Meditation Session (group)



A group meditation session led by Meditation Facilitator Prakash Bhattarai. Prakash Bhattarai is a cer

tified Hypnotherapist, Vedic Astrologer and has more than a decade of experience in eastern spirituality. He has been providing free meditation class since April 2017 in Rockdale, Sydney (own rent unit) for one a day a week every Saturday and 3 days a week free meditation classes from April 2020. It has helped many enthusiastic souls to receive the purpose of their life with 6 traits of management skills. Read more


If you have booked a time in the morning, the meditation can be an active kind of meditation like Active Dynamic Meditation, Dancing Meditation or the guided one. The Evening meditation session is passive (except Kundalini) meditation. Kundalini Meditation is done after 4 in the afternoon and before 7 Pm. Evening meditation compromises of Gratitude Meditation, Dancing meditation, Deep Relaxation, Hypnotic Meditation, Kundalini meditation and many more.

If you have more question, please email me at [email protected]

The individual session can be also booked.


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