[Demo Course] Introduction to Mesmerism and Magnetism

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This course is the introduction to Next course Learn Mesmerism and Magnetism Hypnotism This course teaches you how to take anyone into the trance using eye gazing technique. In this course you will be able to practice different eye gazing techniques and also learn about different hypnotic points. These hypnotic points are used to take any person in to trance. This course also focuses on providing general information about 7 Chakras, their colours, personality and learning from those Chakras. This will provide students how you can heal yours and your client though Chakras, hypnotic points or their any pain or stress. Finally, you will be able to learn how to heal your clients taking them in three state:

  1. unconscious state: The Client won't be able to know the time for how long he was asleep or in trance. The client can listen to you only reply to your intention.
  2. Subconscious: They may be able to listen few voices or other people command for short period or for the whole session. This is semi- trance.
  3. Conscious state: In this state, the clients know it all and may feel the energy passing through Chakras or hypnotic points. but may doubt as he is not healing or something like that.