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We understand the struggle and challenges every Seeker face while travelling in the Meditation Journey. We understand how our mind trick yourself in this journey. We, then gracefully share and teach you how to meditate peacefully. We share the technique and methods to overcome challenges in mindfulness meditation.
We teach every Healers, Seekers, Meditators, Facilitators to connect with their Divinity and know what the True Divinity is?

Prakash Bhattarai

Prakash Bhattarai is originally from Nepal, the land of Tantra and has been living in Australia since 2016.Since childhood, the world around was a big mystery for him. At elementary school, a Nepali poem, “Deha ra Atma “, which means “Body & Soul” composed by the great Nepali Poet, Bhanubhakta Acharya posed yet another big question mark before him which philosophized that only the physical body is mortal, not the subtle energy body, soul.


As he grew up, in 2008 he was introduced to Osho, the man of the Era whose discourses gestured him the path to the answers to all the mysterious questions about life, death, and the world. He then was initiated as a disciple of Osho at a Mystic School of Osho in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2011 and was introduced to various meditation techniques like Kundalini Yoga, Chakra Meditation, Vipassana, No-Mind, Sufi Meditation and many others. This was a turning point in his life when he met like-hearted and no-minded people who motivated him to go deeper into the realm of the inner world. Parallelly, he also got initiated as a Reiki Healer and holds the 2nd degree.

He uses hypnotherapy to open up discussions about sensations, perceptions, thoughts, and behaviors and works on issues like; quitting a compulsive behavior, improving sleep, reducing stress, reducing chronic pain and many others. He also incorporates meditation techniques to enhance the impact of the treatment and provides counseling on holistic health.


He considers outer exploration as important as inner inspection to create a balance in the contemporary world. So, he earned a master’s degree in Software Engineering from IIBIT College, Federation University, Sydney, Australia.

In 2011, he had heard in one of the discourses by Osho about Michal Newton, a doctorate in Counseling Psychology and a Founder of Michael Newton, Ph.D is the Founder of The Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy (TNI) and served as the first President from 2002-2005.. The discourse was about Michal Newton’s experiments in the field of hypnosis and how Eastern Science of Hypnotism has been proved in scientific labs. He had a deep desire to explore this field since then. When he came to Australia for his higher studies, he also got connected with Hypnoenergetics Collective and earned a diploma in Hypnotherapy and Practitioner of Hypnoenergetics.

Yoga Instructor

Meditation Facilitator



We Teach how to listen Sound on Meditation. Or in another way, we teach how to meditate peacefully being calm in meditation, live peaceful life and how to practice Remembrance Meditation [Sumiran] while listening to the silence.

We know what we do and can take any interested soul furthermore in the journey of spirituality together. But our first step for spirituality is to know the silence “The Sound”.

What My Clients Say About Me

The testimonial are the greatest award that I receive from my clients. I thank each and every clients for honouring me to serve them. Once again, Thank you so much.

I highly recommend Zen Osho Energy which provides you with a great consultation and service. He is gifted, he will try to help you through a lot ! If you need help and thinking to get to feel great again then you have found your place to go !!
Shradha KC
Bakery Manager